Bronx-born singer releases new song about hope inspired by the pandemic

A Bronx singer is using the pandemic as a source of inspiration for his art.

News 12 Staff

Oct 23, 2020, 11:55 AM

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A Bronx singer is using the pandemic as a source of inspiration for his art.
Singer Flaco Navaja was born and raised in the Bronx, and he says he is finding creativity and hope during the pandemic, releasing a new single and preaching positivity.
“I can't not create, so I'm forced to stay in and being able to create in that realm has been a cool new thing for me,” says Navaja.
The 43-year-old recently released his new single earlier this month.
“Cantalé a La Vida” or “Sing a Song to Life” is a song about the times the world is currently going through. He says it is important to focus on the good things.
He says the song was made the true pandemic way, with a back-up singer in Puerto Rico and a trumpet player in Texas.
“It was a cool thing to create from all over the country,” says Navaja.
He says everyone came together to spread a message.
“So, the chorus is, “Open up your balcony, get to your balcony and sing a song out loud.” We all have a song to sing,” says Navaja.
Navaja moved to California in 2018, and is now in Florida with his wife and two daughters. He says his roots are in the Bronx and go back to his Puerto Rican parents meeting at a house party more than four decades ago.
“The Bronx will forever inform everything about me. It was the birthplace of my artistry,” says Navaja.
His solo show debuted in January and was supposed to be revived in August, but COVID-19 got in the way. Even still, Navaja is staying positive and ready for what's next.
“I'm excited about continuing to create and I'll continue to be singing to life,” says Navaja.

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