Bronx borough president, New York Sun Works team up to bring hydroponic farms to schools

Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson announced Wednesday she is teaming up with New York Sun Works to bring more hydroponic farms to schools.
Gibson told News 12 the partnership will help kids learn about sustainability.
"Empowering our students with creative solutions to addressing global challenges like climate, like environmental justice,” she said.
New York Sun Works Director Manuela Zamora added the initiative allows students to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs year-round. The indoor farming system doesn't use soil, relies on LED lighting instead of sun and uses significantly less water than needed for a typical harvest.
"For many students this is the first time growing a seed, a plant, to grow from seed to harvest,” she said. “And the most important part is they get to harvest the plant and then actually eat it themselves."
In the future, 20 more schools across the Bronx will have this same opportunity with a new $2.5 million investment. Around 8,000 students will have access to these labs each year.
Along with the addition of the 20 new hydroponic farms, there will be a total of 35 labs in the Bronx by the end of the school year.