Bronx Community College sends students, staff home with no heat on campus

Bronx Community College students and staff are without heat on campus as frigid temperatures set down in New York City.  
Students and staff told News 12 that they haven’t had heat in their classrooms since mid-October, and that they’ve had to wear winter coats and gloves indoors.  
Bronx Community College moved classes online as of Wednesday, and they will continue through Thanksgiving until the problem is fixed.  
Professor Sharon Utakis has taught English for over 20 years and says while the campus buildings look good, they are in need of repairs. She says it is hard for staff and students to learn while shivering and wearing coats indoors.  
Sierra Monacyl is in her senior year and says the return to remote learning makes her feel as if it is a return to the heights of COVID-19.  
“We missed out on so much, and it's like we finally got back on campus. We got to really experience that campus feel again,” said Monacyl. “It sucks that because it's cold and because we don't have enough funding for heat… we kind of have to go back, and it's like we're reverting instead of moving forward.” 
The college says it is working to fix the heating issue in time for students and staff to return after Thanksgiving, and their food pantry and athletic games will continue as scheduled.