Bronx commuters can expect to see e-scooters on the streets for the foreseeable future

E-scooters are officially staying in the Bronx, courtesy of Lime and the Department of Transportation. 
The e-scooters were initially part of a pilot program but will now be a permanent fixture in the borough.  
The DOT worked hand-in-hand with Lime to consistently improve what the community needs and decided the e-scooters have made a positive impact in the community, especially with its help to reduce carbon footprint. 
The DOT launched the e-scooter program in multiple Bronx neighborhoods back in August 2021, and Lime provided 6,000 of its scooters for the pilot program.  
The one-year pilot statistics show that over 103,000 individual riders have used Lime scooters in the Bronx, with nearly 565,000 trips in the Bronx during that time span. 
The peak times for Lime scooter usage were in June and August, and numbers are expected to keep going up as the years go on.  
Bronx residents are excited for the Lime scooters to remain a part of the commuter landscape but wish they had designated parking spots similarly to Citibikes.