‘Bronx COVID-19 Oral History Project’ details pandemic survival stories

A project that began shortly after the coronavirus pandemic emerged is detailing stories of what people, businesses and communities went through to survive the pandemic. 
A group of students at Fordham University have spent time documenting the stories of Bronx residents. It's called the Bronx COVID-19 Oral History Project.
"It just helps people to gain the perspective of what people might be going through, to have a better understanding of this pandemic and how it affects people,” said student Bethany Fernandez. 
Virtual interviews are cataloged online to watch for free, in hopes of sharing stories of generosity, support and spirit of the Bronx. 
"The resilience is as important as the pain and this project presents both, that’s the Bronx,” said Dr. Mark Naison, the founder of the Bronx American History Project. “You’re going to meet a lot of heroes. These are people who set an example of overcoming adversity."
They say this project is only the beginning and that they plan to continue chronicling history.