Bronx Defenders looking for donations to keep mothers and babies healthy

The Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies program and Bronx Defenders are seeking donations to help provide to moms and their children in the community.
The Bronx Defenders have been helping provide supplies to moms since 2013, and while there has always been a deep need, one person says that access is more important than ever.
"Prior to the pandemic, one in three families can't afford diapers,” said Morgan Hill, director of the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies program. “On average can cost a family $150 to $200 a month."
Each year they say they’ve helped out about 180 parents get what they need confidentially, but are in need of help and supplies.
Any donations can be dropped off at the Bronx Defenders office Monday through Friday, but people must call or email ahead of time.