Bronx family says they've had no hot water at NYCHA apartment for 18 months

A Bronx family says they have been without hot water for the past 18 months and have not been able to get help from the New York City Housing Authority.
George, a resident of the NYCHA complex at 1372 Washington Ave., says it takes his family of four small children four hours to shower since they don’t have access to running hot water. They must boil 10 pots of water per person to get a warm enough shower.
George also says the heat has not been sufficient enough, especially after the freezing weekend.
"It's been a long time. I was impatient at the beginning but then after a while…I don’t want to say I got used to it, it was just less frustrating. But now…something needs to be done as soon as possible,” he says.
George told News 12 this week was the first time they got hot water, but in the kitchen sink.
However, the water pressure was really low and it was only hot for a few minutes. This means George still needs to boil the water.
George says he was scared to give his children baths in the home because the heater was also not working properly.
"Friday, Saturday it was so cold. Outside felt like it was -10 and in here it felt like 25. It was hard to bathe so I didn't bathe anybody here this weekend. It was scary,” he says.
NYCHA told News 12 in a statement, “NYCHA staff are working to determine what is causing a cross-connection on the C line that is affecting the hot water at this apartment. To determine the root cause, staff has to access every apartment on the line and check showerheads and shower cartridges."