Bronx friends star in Fuse TV’s ‘Like, Share, Dimelo,’ discussing Hispanic heritage, pop culture

Sit back and get ready because “Like, Share, Dimelo” is coming to Fuse TV, starring comedians Sasha Merci and Dee Nasty.
"It was surreal because the way we entered this was supposed to be a YouTube digital show, and then we get, ‘you’re going to have the show on TV,’” says Dee Nasty
Born and raised in the Bronx, and basically best friends since birth, the ladies are keeping it real. On their show, anything from pop culture to politics goes.
"Our show is pretty much what we do in social media, and we're just putting it on TV. We start off with a random sketch is having our opinions, our funny opinions and taking that and turning it into a show,” says Sasha Merci.
One of their first episodes addresses what the term Latinx means.
"People who are in the media and scholars, these are people who said we're going to name you guys Latinx and we're like hold up I thought we were just Hispanic,” says Dee Nasty.
The two women hope to spark conversations on topics hitting the Hispanic communities.
“We are Dominican American millennials, we have so many cultures that we are infused in. I feel like we get to see how our parents raised us, and then we get to see what we grow up watching; I think the humor in lines in the duality in both of those roles,” says Sasha Merci.
No matter where you're from, the show has something for everyone.
"We're not just here to talk about what our parents taught us. We are American, but we are still very Dominican and we weren't trying to be unfiltered this is how we are,” says Sasha Merci.
Taking their humor and authenticity from social media to TV, the best friends are showing the world that Latinas have a place at the table.
The show officially starts on Monday on Fuse TV.