Bronx man sentenced to 58 years to life in prison for shooting of Middletown officer

The sentencing of a Bronx man Wednesday was long-awaited justice for the patrol officer who was shot on duty while trying to help a woman during a domestic incident.
DeSean Owens said nothing while sheriff’s deputies escorted him into Orange County court in shackles and handcuffs. 
Inside, the judge wouldn’t allow News 12’s camera request but we were there when he said the 31-year-old Bronx man was “crystal clear” in his intentions to kill Middletown police officer Evan Barone and sentenced Owens to 58 1/2 years to life behind bars. 
Middletown Mayor Joe Destefano joined dozens of officials and officers in court to support Barone - who is permanently injured and out on leave. 
“I’m happy with the sentence,” said Destefano. “I think the judge did the right thing. His comments were appropriate, and this guy is an animal.” 
Owens was seen on surveillance video shooting the officer in 2020 while Barone stood in front of a car with three children inside. 
Owens’ ex-girlfriend flagged the patrol officer down for help during a domestic incident.  
Prosecutors said that Owens has a long record of violent felonies and that he was on parole with an arrest warrant at the time of the shooting. 
Barone was shot in the arm and hit in his bulletproof vest. 
He fired back at Owens and shot him in the head and torso. 
The officer spent days in the hospital and was eventually released to cheering crowds that September. 
Barone said in court he’s not sure if he’ll be able to return to work and the judge said that Owens’ actions permanently altered the officer’s life and what’s left of his own. 
Owens’ defense attorney says his client has maintained his innocence throughout the court proceedings and filed an appeal at the end of the sentencing.