Bronx man starts food truck after being furloughed during pandemic

A Bronx man started his own food truck business after being furloughed during the pandemic.
The Hip-Hop Food Truck sells food inspired by local, iconic rappers and serves customers while playing hip-hop.
The truck features names of legendary New York rappers on its exterior, like Slick Rick Big Pun. It travels across the city so people can line up and grab a bite of food from the menu, like the Gordo burger named after Fred the Godson.
Owner Alfredo Estrada says he started the food truck back in October after being furloughed from his job over the summer.
He began selling food from his home - even donating meals to essential workers before deciding to start his own food truck business.
Alfredo says he's been a chef for more than 20 years and has always wanted to start his own food business.
He's hoping to be an inspiration to anyone looking to chase their dreams.