Bronx mother of 5 pleads for NYCHA to fix broken kitchen

A Bronx mother of five children, Loveridge Ofori, is asking for the New York City Housing Authority to fix her kitchen – which she says has been unusable for months.
She says that city housing workers came to her Claremont Consolidated apartment in March after numerous complaints to seal up her leaky kitchen. However, she says the workers never finished the job.
“After that they took my sink, my cabinets, and never showed up again,” said Ofori.
She also does not have full use of her stove after the glass framing to the open recently shattered while she was cooking.
Because of the lack of counter space, Ofori says she is forced to prepare her family meals on the dining room table. That, combined with the removed counters, has made it harder to make meals for her family.
The mother of five says she has been asking NYCHA for a working kitchen but has had no assistance.
Ofori says the bad apartment conditions go beyond the stove, such as rodent infestations.
“I fixed this myself for the rats, I fixed this,” said Ofori. “They claimed that they did, the rats opened another hold and I had to put a rat covering over it.”
She adds that she just wants the work to get done so her and her children can get back to a normal life.
UPDATE: NYCHA has completed installing the cabinets and replacing the stove. Painting is expected to be completed by the end of Thursday.