Bronx mother says living conditions in NYCHA have been uninhabitable for two years

A Bronx mom says she has been living in unhabitable conditions for two years with her four kids in their NYCHA apartment.
Jylissa, who won’t use her full name out of fear of retaliation, says the problem started with the ceiling leaking and the walls peeling in her kids’ bedroom. Now, the room cannot be entered without a mask and the problems have spread to the whole apartment.
"My kids telling, ‘Mommy we need to move, we need to move out of here,’” says Jylissa. “I wish I could do that, just pick up and go."
She says she has filed many tickets with NYCHA, but they have never fixed the problem.
She says they removed the kitchen counter and cabinets without replacing them and the leaks continued.
"First they said they were short staffed. Then they said it was during the pandemic, so what's going on now?" says Jylissa.
Jylissa says she is due back in court mid-September as she fights to get NYCHA to complete the repairs in her apartment.
NYCHA says they are working with the resident to ensure the repairs are made. They say did temporary repairs on Wednesday and have scheduled permanent repairs for Thursday.