Bronx mother says son picked up from school with bruising, swelling in his face

A Bronx mother is looking for answers after she picked up her 5-year-old son at school Monday to find his face bruised and swollen.
Mary Fraser says her son, Jeremiah, attends the Grand Concourse Academy Charter School. She says she was never notified that her son was injured during school.
Fraser says her son told her the bruising on his face happened after he was kicked during recess, and she even took him to the hospital to get him checked out.
The executive director of the school declined to give an official statement, but says the little boy and another child inadvertently collided on the slide and that the teacher thought they were both fine and didn't see any injuries, so she didn't call the parents.
The school's executive director tells News 12 they try to be as safe as possible with the students and typically always call parents when there's an incident, but says the teacher thought the students were OK.
Fraser says she's planning to keep her son home for remote learning because she doesn't think he's safe in school.