Bronx NYPD event brings mentorship opportunities to young women

The NYPD brought various activities to women in the Bronx Monday in an event that impacted hundreds.
Several workshops at the event taught the group how to overcome obstacles, decorate cakes, and learn how to DJ. It was all set up by the NYPD at the Kips Boys and Girls Club in The Bronx.
This is the eighth year of the event. Lt. Lorraine Perez says she couldn't be happier.
"Personally, I am born and raised in the Bronx, so I see myself in every one of these little girls and to think that I am a lieutenant in the police department 22 years. It's amazing to achieve my dream and I want them to achieve theirs," said Perez.
Beyond fun activities and workshops, the event also raises awareness of essential conversations like domestic violence and offers a chance for mentorship for the women who need it.