Bronx parents outraged after son gets left off school field trip because of weight

A Bronx mother and father want answers after their son was denied the chance to go on an end-of-school field trip because of his weight.
John Astre’s parents, Shatia and John Sr., told News 12 when the day of the trip came, the tickets were paid for, and the bus was booked and their child's name wasn't on the list.
“Kind of sad and angry at the same time,” she said. "The only trip that the whole entire school got to go was the senior trip and he missed it."
Astre’s trip was P.S. 9’s field trip to Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park in New Jersey last week. But the family was in the dark wondering why they didn't get a permission slip.
John’s mother claims a teacher said they were concerned about her son's weight and that he wouldn't be able to go on the rides.
"Once the teacher had told me that, I said to the teacher, who gave them permission to tell him not to go altogether?"
Astre’s father said they gave him a T-shirt from the graduation trip but says that doesn't fix the problem.
"We decided to keep him home,” he said. For the embarrassment of seeing all his classmates and he is the only one not going. We wanted to spare him from that."
The Astre's even took this matter to the principal of P.S. 9.
News 12 reached out to the Department of Education and has yet to hear back despite multiple attempts.