Bronx resident claims ceiling fell down on her while showering; repairs only a temporary fix

Sandra George says her bathroom ceiling will soon fall once again if there is heavy rain.

Katelynn Ulrich and News 12 Staff

Oct 12, 2023, 12:37 AM

Updated 256 days ago


An Allerton tenant is looking to hold her building owner "accountable" for the conditions in her apartment. She says it is in much need of repair after she almost was crushed by her ceiling falling down in her own bathroom
Sandra George says she was in the shower when he ceiling began to fall. She says that she stepped out, only to have the entire ceiling collapse into her shower just minutes later. She says her bathroom ceiling will soon fall apart again if there is heavy rain.
The first time George's ceiling crumbled, she called the city and an inspector issued a violence. She says building workers put up a piece of plywood to cover the hole. She then called the FDNY and they had to rip open the ceiling because it was about to fall again.
They found decaying and rotting wood inside, and it was covered with just some sheetrock.
"I spoke to one of the secretaries down there and I told them what a sloppy job they did, and it might fall again, and she said, 'I'll let the manager know.' not a phone call, not a knock on my door, nothing," said George. 
News 12 has contacted the building owner three times and has not heard back. News 12 informed the city about the ceiling. Officials then told Sandra an inspector would come by within 24 hours.

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