Bronx resident says package from Temu sent her to hospital due to fiberglass

A doctor at Jacobi Hospital confirmed that the resident had dermatitis due to fiberglass.

Valerie Ryan and Adolfo Carrion

Oct 19, 2023, 2:32 AM

Updated 268 days ago


A Bronx resident who ordered a child’s playset off of Temu is claiming that the package she received from the site sent her to the hospital.   
Biance Marrero was going to give her friend’s son a tent as a surprise gift.  While she was putting it together, she began to feel pain.   
When Marrero’s friend shined a light on the tent, they began to panic – they claim they discovered fiberglass all over the tent and the bed where they were assembling it.   
A doctor at Jacobi Hospital confirmed that Marrero had dermatitis due to fiberglass – which the doctor says they can’t do anything about. Marrero’s body has to naturally reject the fiberglass which can take anywhere from three to five days.   
When Marrero reached out to Temu, they informed her that her purchase had been refunded and to leave a review.   
“This happened, and it was in a child’s tent,” said Marrero. “Imagine it being in a child’s toy.”  
Representatives from Temu responded with a statement saying they are taking the matter seriously and are working with Marrero to find a solution.

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