Bronx residents ask for city help cleaning up trash-covered streets

Bronx residents have been seeing trash build up on stairways for months and refuse to let their calls for cleanups be ignored.
Things look halfway decent at the moment. Community activist Sidney Flores said the Department of Sanitation came by in the last day or two, after hearing the community planned to show up. 
Regardless, the areas to the sides of stairways are filled with piles of garbage. Flores says he recognizes some of the trash from as far back as the fall. 
He has also requested the Department of Sanitation to clean it all and was told that they are only responsible for the landings. Apparently, the other areas fall on the Department of Transportation. Flores has asked DOT to come by a few times a month to sweep. He has not heard back yet but believes it would create less of an eyesore.
News 12 also reached out to the Department of Transportation for a response and has yet to hear anything back.
Council member Fernando Cabrera, who is also running for Bronx Borough President, will be holding a press conference about this issue on Tuesday.