Bronx residents say they weren't informed about MTA bus redesign that will remove stops

The Bronx local bus network redesign (will hyperlink here) launches this Sunday, and members of the community are concerned about the removal of 375 local bus stops.
In a press conference on Tuesday, chairman and CEO of the MTA Janno Lieber said removing stops will help reduce wait times and increase services speeds throughout the borough, but some residents don’t share that concern about the current bus system.
“I’m more concerned on where the bus stops are than the speed,” said one local resident.
One particular bus stop, on the corner of Holland and Allerton Aves, will no longer exist starting this Sunday. For Allerton residents, this looks to be a major inconvenience.
What makes it worse for these residents – they didn’t even know the change was coming.
“This was the only information that we got and it’s hidden,” said Gene DeFrancis, pointing to a sign at the bus stop. “You can’t see it through the trees.”