Bronx singer reemerges with stronger voice after breast cancer battle

A Bronx singer is on a journey to find her voice again after receiving her breast cancer diagnosis six years ago. 
Brenda Velez, known by her stage name C-Bank, was getting back into her music career in 2016 when she received a life-changing diagnosis at a routine mammogram. 
“I thought that I would be going to work right after that,” said Velez. “It turned out to be five sonograms and nine biopsies… I didn’t make it to work that day.” 
Velez doesn’t have a history of breast cancer in her family, but she always kept up with her screenings, which would end up saving her life. 
“Weeks later, I got a call from my breast surgeon that I was positive,” said Velez. “We discussed mastectomies to one, both, none… I said take both of them.” 
At 48 years old, Velez’s life changed. While the decision to receive a mastectomy was made in her mind, the choice of chemotherapy was much harder. 
“I was very reluctant, I wasn’t going to go through the chemo, I will be honest,” said Velez. When asked what changed her mind, she said her children and family.  
As the medicine and doctors did their part to treat Velez, her support system stayed with her through the ups and downs.  
After six years of remission and three years since Velez lost a friend to breast cancer, the Bronx singer has re-emerged with a new look and a stronger voice.