Bronx students create installation to pay respect to victims, families plagued by gun violence

A group of Bronx students have come together to create an installation to remember victims and families impacted by gun violence in their backyard and across the country.  
The installation, titled ‘You Know The Drill’, refers to the steps that schools and universities take when there is an active shooter on the grounds or in a nearby area. Students at Riverdale Country School say the goal of this project is to highlight gun violence, which students say has become too common.  
“It was inspired by the fact that we see gun violence, shootings in schools, it’s become normalized,” said one concerned student. “Every week we hear about this stuff… what better way to pierce the numbness than create art about it so people remember?” 
The project focuses on the history of mass shootings over the years, starting with the Columbine High School incident that took place over 24 years ago.  
The installation was made in collaboration with the Soul Box Project, a national community art project aimed at raising awareness about the country’s gun violence epidemic. 
Students say they plan to continue demanding stricter gun laws while honoring the lives that were lost to shootings.