Bronx teacher receives award for bridging digital divide in school

A Fordham high school teacher received a big honor for her work in bridging the digital divide in her school's community.
Maha Hasen is one of four national winners of the 2022 Cognizant Innovation in Computer Science Education Award. Hasen has worked with her class to develop innovative apps and teach them coding skills.  
Hasen has been teaching computer science at the Fordham High School for the Arts for the last four years but started off specializing in math. She says she took on the challenge to teach coding after there were requests from the students for a computer science program.
"I was able to get myself educated, teach the course, and start up a program," said Hasen, who now teaches a robust curriculum through which students can learn and develop their coding skills. "Computer science, especially in the digital era we live in, is an important part of our education… it's important that I make sure that students have access to it."
The Bronx teacher says offering computer science courses helps to bring together students who may normally not have access to this technology.  
"I think it's empowering," said Hasen. "It is our responsibility to take that intellectual risk and try out something new."
Starting this spring, Hasen will be offering a new unique course for first-year students that combines coding and the movement of dance.