Bronx teacher, who uses unique remote learning lessons, nominated for teaching award

A Bronx teacher is making sure his students can tune into an awesome math network while remote learning. And his unique style of teaching is getting recognized in New York City.
Pedro Dones, who sometimes goes by his alter ego “The Big Action,” is a math teacher at M.S. 363 who prides himself on his unique lessons.
"I asked the kids ‘who do you want to watch teach? Mr. Dones or The Big Action?’ and Mr. Dones got 12% and Big Action got 88%,” says Dones.
Students turn into remote learning for the lesson of the day, but say they also tune in to see what Mr. Dones does next and which pair of Jordan’s might be in the background.
"He makes it into a fun way, so we don’t be bored just listening to math,” says student Lorley Pichardos.
Dones says he posts the lessons on YouTube so anyone can watch.
Dones is a finalist for the New York City Big Apple Awards. He's one of a small handful of finalists from the Bronx, the borough he grew up and went to college in.
"Just because the world stopped doesn’t mean I’m going to stop. So, they shouldn’t stop,” says Dones.