Bronx woman forced to rebook flight twice on Delta due to wheelchair issues

A Bronx woman says she tried to fly on a Delta flight, but had issues with her wheelchair fitting on the plane. 
Natalia Mendez planned to fly out from LaGuardia Airport and fly back from Buffalo, when she was told at LaGuardia the plane for her flight was too small to fit her wheelchair. 
"What had to happen is I couldn't fly out of Buffalo because it's a small airport and it doesn't service Airbuses,” said Mendez. “Which is what I need, not the jet they originally provided. " 
Now Mendez, who is leaving from Toronto, was under the impression her flights were rebooked and that all the issues had been solved, but when she tried to come back home, her wheelchair was again not able to fit. 
She was forced to stay overnight after rebooking two flights due to weather conditions.  
“Something needs to happen. It's not about money, it's about standard of procedure, education, negligence. It's bigger than this. It's bigger than me." 
Mendez says she plans on pursuing legal action against Delta Airlines, but she says her main focus is to improve conditions for travelers with disabilities.