Bronx woman says mold in her apartment has left her entire family in poor health

Betsy Ildefonso says she is concerned for her family's health because of the mold in her apartment.  
Ildefonso says she's been living in her apartment on Andrews Avenue for 14 years and didn't have this issue until last year. She claims the mold started growing after a leak from the window in her bedroom and after contacting her superintendent, she thought the problem was solved.  
"I had mold before, and the super came himself. He wiped it down with some Coca-Cola on the wall and he painted over it and that's all they did," said Ildefonso.  
She also claims the mold is worse than before. The Housing Preservation and Development department has been in to inspect the apartment and issued two violations for the mold. Ildefonso says that each time she reached out to her building’s management, she didn't get a response.  
Now, she says the mold is affecting her family's health.  
"My asthma's gotten worse. I've been coughing a lot lately, more than usual. My granddaughter's been coughing. The babies have been coughing and it triggered my daughter's asthma back," says Ildefonso.  
A representative from the superintendent’s office did get back in touch with Ildefonso and said they plan to have someone visit the apartment next Wednesday.