Brooklyn activist walks 5,000 miles in memory of children who died in US custody

Humans rights activist and Brooklyn resident Christopher Swain is best known for his swim across the Gowanus Canal, but his next goal is creating awareness for a good cause.
With a torch in one hand and a small book bag on his back, Swain is walking in memory of children who died in federal custody at the United States and Mexico border.
Swain is continuing his nearly 5,000-mile "March for the Kids" journey in Brooklyn.
He began his trek walking nearly 200 miles to New York and looks forward to continuing his journey, while raising awareness for an issue he says has gotten out of hand.
Swain tells News 12 along his journey people ask him questions, as he walks with a torch in his hand, in honor of the six children. It's an opportunity to start a conversation about an issue he says hits close to home, as a parent.
"And when I heard that there were six kids who had died in my government's custody, and that one of them was 2 years old, I said that's enough. I'm not OK with that, I want to stand up. I want to say something," says Swain.
Swain will be leaving Brooklyn and heading onto Philadelphia and Washington, DC.
He hopes to complete his journey in California.