Brooklyn art studios to have installation displayed at Times Square

MODU and Eric Forman Studio of Brooklyn won the annual Times Square Valentine Heart Design Competition with their “Heart Squared” installation. 
The Brooklyn artists are the 12th winners of the competition. Eric Forman Studio and MODU, an architecture and design think tank, teamed up to create the design, which uses more than 100 mirrors to transform Times Square into images of people, buildings and brightly lit billboards.
The artists told News 12 that while the positions of the mirrors seem random, they developed a specialized technique to calculate the specific angles, hiding a playful surprise.
As people move around the structure, the hundreds of reflections they see will reveal a pixel heart surrounded by a field of mirrored sky.
The creators said that they hope to bring people together to discover the heart within, a heart that reflects anyone and everyone who engages with the installation.
“Heart Squared” will be unveiled on Jan. 30 at 11:30 a.m. at Father Duffy Square in Manhattan. The installation will remain up for all of February.