Brooklyn artist hopes new mural will bring people together during time of division

A Brooklyn native is hopeful his art will help others heal as the country faces an ongoing pandemic and a period of political division.
Gerry Vewer started painting American flags in different color skin-toned stripes to spread a message of unity across New York City after racial justice protests broke out last summer.
The Brooklyn artist is now finishing up his latest piece, another American flag, on the side of a deli on the corner of Castle Hill and Chatterton avenues.
Vewer says the new mural has a transparent gate that represents the constructs that humans create, but its transparency shows that we can see through it.
The painting also shows a woman with a third eye with a quote from J Cole, saying that the real revolution is inside you.
Vewer says the mural means more now after the violent insurrection of the Capitol.
“It needs to be there because the country really needs to do some self-reflection and looking inside,” Vewer says. “Tackle the real issues that we can see right in front of our faces, that we know are there, but we’re kind of turning a blind eye to.”
The Brooklyn artist says he hopes to inspire new generations that they can use art as a voice to get their message across.