Brooklyn baker sets out to help breastfeeding mothers

One Brooklyn baker and entrepreneur is helping mothers that are struggling during breastfeeding with baked goods. 
This baker is also a mother, and after giving birth to her twin daughters in 2015, she says she understands the struggle behind breastfeeding that some mothers face.  
“It’s hard, you know,” said Shalonda Vasquez, owner of Sofia & Grace bakery in Bed-Stuy. “You feel like a failure to your child and a lot of women deal with it.” 
Vasquez says not being able to produce breast milk was one of her hardest moments. That struggle inspired her to start making vegan “lactation cookies” for mothers who experience similar issues. 
“It does help produce more milk… apricots, fennel, oats, chocolate,” said Vasquez. “It’s good to have natural ingredients especially during pregnancy and after pregnancy to help promote the breast milk.” 
But it’s not just an anecdote that Vasquez is citing for these great results from her sweet treats. Doula and lactation counselor Ebonie Tudor says that these sweets not only help keep moms nourished but taste good as well. 
"I like to surprise some of my clients with post-partum cookies, lactation cookies, and most of the time they're just eating them because they taste good,” said Tudor. “Then they realize 'Oh shoot, this is really working.'" 
Sofia & Grace, named after Vasquez’s twin daughters, make their vegan lactation cookies with all natural ingredients including fennel, apricots and almonds.