Brooklyn borough president talks COVID-19, infrastructure ahead of mayoral election

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams would become just the second Black mayor in New York City's history if he's elected in November.
Adams, who is the Democratic candidate, says he has a plan for the city but admits that he will first have to take on the COVID-19 pandemic.
"We have to be serious about COVID," says Adams. "It's a formidable opponent, and we must respond in a coordinated effort."
Adams agrees with Mayor Bill de Blasio's decision to mandate vaccines for certain groups but says he would have gone about it differently by reaching out to the unions first.
"Because they are the credible messengers for their employees, and if you bring them along with us, we will get the employees to cooperate and get a 100% vaccine rate," says Adams.
Hurricane Ida sounded the alarm about the city's infrastructure and is another item Adams is focused on. He says 13 people should not die in their basement apartments so there must be ways to institute proper notifications.
Adams also plans to address issues such as creating affordable housing, battling gun violence and the future of Rikers Island. Adams wants to reinstitute the anti-crime unit to help stop the flow of guns into the city and tackle gang violence.
"Every time you hear of a shooting, 90% of the time the next line states that it was gang-related," says Adams. "That means we need to zero in on gangs, have a gang unit that operates citywide under one leadership."
Adams will face Republican nominee Curtis Sliwa on Election Day.