Brooklyn business collects medical supplies to ship out to war-torn Ukraine

While unrest still persists in Ukraine, one Brooklyn business has stepped up to help with large donation of medical supplies for the frontlines.
Those who step into the warehouse on Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island will see only a fraction of the donations collected to help the people in the war-torn country.
Boxes that contain supplies like syringes, pads, medicine and first aids kits are packed and shipped out to Ukraine. The supplies are then distributed by volunteers on the ground.
Once these boxes are prepared and labeled, they are loaded onto trucks for shipment.
Since the beginning of the war, hundreds of boxes have been shipped out of the warehouse.
Volunteers say they took to Instagram to ask for donations, but the response was so overwhelming that they estimate about 500 tons of humanitarian aid have been delivered to Ukraine.
They say they turn to bigger pharmaceutical companies for help when it comes to supplies that are needed the most, like tourniquets and surgery tools.