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Brooklyn College receives national recognition for diversity

Brooklyn College scored high on the U.S News & World Report's diversity index at colleges across the United States.

News 12 Staff

Sep 29, 2022, 1:07 AM

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Brooklyn College scored high on the U.S News & World Report's diversity index at colleges across the United States.  
The college has implemented programs throughout its history to encourage diversity and create a positive environment for diverse backgrounds.  
Jesus Perez, director of the school’s Immigrant Student Success office, is an alumnus of Brooklyn College and has worked to ensure that the college continues to be an example of how to foster a diverse campus. 
“It really helps our students understand that they’re not alone,” said Perez. “We’re here to support them throughout their journey, we’re also there for anything they may need outside our campus.” 
The college offers free legal services, faculty mentorship, financial aid assistance, and many other avenues of guidance for immigrant students.  
The students have felt that impact directly.  
“It was something great that would actually provide me with services, help me navigate my way through the college, what I was going to do,” said one student. “Given the fact that I was also awarded the Dream.US scholarship I needed help to understand how I would receive those funds.” 
An on-campus diversity fair that the school held last week showed why the school remains at the top of that diversity index report.  
“We want to make sure you feel accepted, you’re celebrated,” said the Chief Diversity Officer of the school. “If you’re here at Brooklyn College, we want to celebrate you and make you feel like part of the community.” 
Brooklyn College says they plan to expand their diversity programs and offer students more opportunities to succeed in the future.  

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