Brooklyn couple makes tabletop game inspired by cockroach infestation in apartment

A Brooklyn couple say a real-life cockroach infestation in their building during quarantine inspired a new card game.
Olivier Miller and Julie Feltman are the creators of Cuddly Cockroaches, a tabletop card game where players infest each other with cockroaches while trying to avoid getting fumigated.
Miller and Feltman lost their jobs due to the pandemic. They say that's when they got the idea to make lemons out of lemonade and start their own card game business.
"I think the story definitely adds to the appeal, and it has been a story that has connected with people on a deep level," says Miller. "It has made them laugh or cringe or any of those emotions, and that's really been great to see."
The couple launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with startup costs. Making a pledge to the campaign can get you a copy of the game.