Brooklyn DA brings opens new office to focus on gender-based violence

When a woman is the victim of domestic violence or sex trafficking, her path to justice often involves more than just a lawyer. 
Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced a new office opening up under the DA’s office that will focus on combatting gender-based violence. It will be comprised of legal experts in domestic and sex violence, human trafficking and crimes against children. 
The office is set to include over 100 lawyers and at least 30 social workers. It will use the u-Visa practice, allowing protection to immigrants who are victims to certain crimes.  
The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that one in three women experienced some type of physical violence from an intimate partner, and Gonzalez says the domestic violence bureau in Brooklyn prosecutes around 10,000 cases of that nature every year. 
“Often, they felt that the criminal legal system did not take their concerns seriously,” said Gonzalez. “And did not invest the same amount of resources they invest in other types of crime.”  
Assistant District Attorney Michelle Kaminsky is set to lead the new division.