Brooklyn DA’s office announces dismissal of 262 outstanding warrants related to sex work

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office announced the dismissal of 262 outstanding warrants related to loitering and prostitution. 
Now, he says more dismissals are on the way. News 12 spoke with advocates of Decriminalizing Sex Work, who say Friday they celebrated a small victory. 
The organization puts together resources--like a video explaining how laws, like one known as loitering, for the purposes of prostitution are discriminatory.
Outstanding warrants often prevent those people from applying to things like apartments and jobs. Whatever a person’s reason for being in the industry may be advocates say the criminalization makes it dangerous for sex workers. 
While they say decriminalization is a long way off, a vote on a bill to repeal the loitering law is expected to happen next week. 
Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez says there are 850 more warrants dating back to 1970 they’re working to dismiss.