Brooklyn duo preps for New York City Marathon

A pair of Brooklyn marathon vets and are prepping for the New York City Marathon on Nov. 6. 
The runners are known as the “Canarsie Duo,” and can be spotted around the neighborhood either training in Canarsie Park or on a painstakingly long run along the Belt Parkway.  
Marva Joseph, 58, and Marie Young, 53, picked up running just six years ago, but the now inseparable duo are already seasoned marathon runners. 
“We began by just walking first,” said Joseph. “One mile, and then from one mile, you see three miles, and then five miles, and then you start running.” 
Joseph and Young met at the gym in 2015 and they joined New York Road Runners for a weekly open run workout in Canarsie Park. They haven’t stopped since. 
“You’re never too old to start anything,” said Young. “It’s like you’re in the zone, it’s like you don’t have no problems, you’re just running.” 
They’ve run three New York City Marathons already, and even traveled to Berlin last month for another marathon. Joseph and Young say they want to run all six Abbot World Marathon Majors together.