Brooklyn family demands action following student attack at Bushwick prep school

A Brooklyn family is demanding action after a teen was jumped by students inside her high school this week.
On Oct. 11, Arihanna was leaving Achievement First University Prep High School in Bushwick when she attacked by a group of students.
Videos of the attack were posted on social media, showing Arihanna being punched, kicked and pulled by the hair.
The NYPD says they issued juvenile reports to three students following the attack.
Arihanna says she’s been targeted by the same group since February.
“[The school] said they were taking safety measures, they didn’t have me in the hallway at the same times as the girls, they didn't have me dismissing at the same time but that wasn’t doing much in terms of the situation,” said Arihanna.
In a statement, the school condemned the attack and said that they do not tolerate violence.
“We are committed to ensuring the physical and emotional safety of all students and staff. We immediately ensured that medical care was available for anyone in need, notified the student's family about the incident, and will take action to make counselors available to the student and family. We have taken the necessary disciplinary action to address this incident.”
The family says they plan to press charges against the students who attacked Arihanna.