Brooklyn Heights neighbors left confused after tree stolen from street

One street in Brooklyn Heights is missing a tree that the New York City Parks Department says was suddenly chopped down.  
A walk down Clark Street looks a lot less green, with just a tree stump left behind. Neighbors say that they woke up one morning and the tree was mysteriously gone.  
“It was a nice tree, and this is very wrong,” said resident Kenny Albert. “I think this is a vicious attack. Maybe someone didn’t like the tree.” 
Residents along Clark Street say that the tree was big, full of life and had roots in the community, a mainstay along the street for families planting roots of their own in the neighborhood. 
The NYC Parks Department says that there is now an ongoing investigation and neighbors are hoping a new tree is put in place.  
According to the parks department, the tree was a honey locust tree. They remind New Yorkers that damaging city trees is illegal and harmful.