Brooklyn Hospital Center unveils new pre-screening tent as coronavirus cases increase

The Brooklyn Hospital Center unveiled a new coronavirus pre-screening tent outside its building Tuesday. 
The tent comes as an effort to lessen the strain on emergency rooms as the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase across the city. 
The tent is set up to pre-screen patients who think they may have been exposed to the virus or who think they are exhibiting symptoms. Hospital staff tells News 12 they are seeing about 100 patients a day with coronavirus symptoms. 
Patients are asked questions about their symptoms and if deemed necessary will go through the process of intake and have their vitals taken in the tent. After that, they will be evaluated by a doctor if the medical staff believes it is necessary. 
Doctors will decide if the patient needs to be tested for the coronavirus. 
Suspected patients will either be told to self-quarantine until the results are back approximately four days later or if necessary depending on their pre-existing conditions and symptoms, be admitted to the hospital. 
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams says it is only one of the steps the hospital will be taking in the next few days. 
"This new facility that is being rolled out will help alleviate overcrowding in the ER, allowing medical professionals to provide care to those with the highest level of need,” said Adams. 
The staff tells News 12 the plan was for the hospital’s pre-screening tent to go through a trial on Wednesday and then be open to patients on Thursday if all goes according to plan.