Brooklyn man accused of fatally striking baby daughter faces manslaughter charge

A Brooklyn man has been arrested and charged in the death of his 1-year-old daughter after being accused of striking her in the head. 
Aniyah Wyhatt was originally brought to Brookdale Hospital while suffering from an apparent seizure. She was later taken to Cohen Children’s Medical Center where she died.  
Officials say doctors found bleeding in her brain late Tuesday, causing her to go into cardiac arrest. Police were notified of the child’s passing on Wednesday. 
They say further investigation found that the child was struck in the back of the head while at home, leaving her with blunt force trauma as a result. ​
The father, 33-year-old Robert Wright, is facing a number of charges including manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. 
Police say that the suspect had no known criminal history or involvements with child services prior to this incident.​
Wright appeared in court on Monday, where he gave a statement saying he struck his 1-year-old daughter in the back of the head with his closed fist.
A small memorial is forming outside of the home where the child and father lived on Osborne Street in Brownsville.