Brooklyn man says marijuana record felt like a 'dark cloud' as he looks forward to legalization

Now that recreational marijuana has been legalized in New York state, some New Yorkers are in the legal process of trying to clear their marijuana record.
According to the state Division of Criminal Justice, more than 100,000 convictions are due to be automatically expunged under the state's new marijuana law.
Darrell Lee says his marijuana record felt like a dark cloud over his head.
He says he has about five charges for possession of marijuana on his record. The most recent charge was in 2014.
Lee says the charges led to him not completing a dental assistant program.
Lee hopes the state's legalization of recreational marijuana will allow doors to open for him that were closed for years because of his record.
He says the criminalization of marijuana has impacted the lives of many in his community, who were stopped with a small amount of marijuana on them.
Lee is now working with legal aides in the court system to get his marijuana record swiped clean.