Brooklyn mom campaigns to legalize recreational marijuana

As the state gears up to vote on legalizing recreational marijuana this week, one Brooklyn mom and dispensary owner has launched a campaign to legalize cannabis.
Charlotte Hanna opened Rebelle Cannabis Dispensary in the Berkshires in Massachusetts last year.
As a founder, she has been laying the groundwork to also open one in New York City once it is legal. As a mom, she has been trying to explain to her kids why something they've always been told is wrong, she believes should be legalized.
The state is now on the brink of voting on legislation. Hanna is campaigning to legalize recreational marijuana, which she says she uses as part of her wellness routine.
Rebelle Billboards has billboards in the city asking people to sign their petition to legalize marijuana in the state.
She is also hoping it can jumpstart the economy.
The New York State PTA says it is irresponsible to move legislation forward. PTA president says it will hurt children mentally and physically.