Brooklyn mother publishes op-ed in New York Times claiming yeshivas aren't teaching basic subjects

A Brooklyn mother says she's concerned that her sons are not getting the education they deserve - and published an op-ed in the New York Times claiming yeshivas aren't properly teaching students.
Beatrice Weber is pushing lawmakers to enforce education standards on what she says are "ultra-Orthodox yeshivas" in New York.
She says yeshiva schools are letting her family down, and that although these schools teach about religion - her kids have struggled with other basic subjects.
They especially struggle in writing in English and claims they are years behind other students receiving a public education.
She says that most remain quiet on these issues because you're then considered to be less religious or nonconforming.
This week, Weber published an op-ed in the New York Times calling on politicians to hold these schools accountable.
She's partnered up with Young Advocates for Fair Education. The organization cited a 2019 report which said 26 of 28 yeshivas did not meet requirements set by the Department of Education.
The DOE tells News 12 it has continued outreach to the 26 schools to learn about their instruction and to ensure they know the law.
Activists say it's not about diminishing religious studies, but making sure what they call ultra-Orthodox communities pair those studies with other subjects to set up children up for success.