Brooklyn Night Market takes over 36th Street in Industry City

The Brooklyn Night Market is every last Monday until October.

Shniece Archer

Apr 30, 2024, 2:43 AM

Updated 28 days ago


Excitement filled the air in Industry City as dozens of Brooklyn residents were eating, enjoying music and supporting local artists at the Brooklyn Night Market.
It takes over 36th Street in Industry City, with dozens of vendors that bring their own style and flavors to the borough.
Some people told News 12 that the event is more than just a festival.
"It's very important because you get the feedback of real time feedback. I sell to stores mostly, so I don't really see people eating it and enjoying it," said Silvia Vidova, owner of Culiraw Vegan Cheesecake.
This is Vidova's third time participating. She said it gives her a chance to watch people enjoy her creations.
"Most of them were shocked and they're like 'I cant believe it's vegan' or like 'Are you sure there like no refine sugars?' or like 'How do you make this because its so good?,'" said Vidova.
There's more than just desserts there. There is food from many cultures, along with local artist debuting their pieces. The vendors said Mondays are the new Saturdays, and this festival is a celebration of the different cultures the borough has to offer.
"Otherwise, we have to open a brick-and-mortar. which is very expensive and honestly, in this economy, I don't want to go that route so be able to do this event is just amazing and it's a plus for the business" said Vidova.
The Brooklyn Night Market is every last Monday until October.

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