Brooklyn nonprofit Ruth's Refuge provides home furnishings and essentials to asylum seekers

When refugees arrive in New York City, often times they struggle to turn a house into a home. Brooklyn nonprofit Ruth's Refuge is stepping in to help make that process to permanent housing better for migrants. 
Ruth's Refuge is the only nonprofit organization that provides home furnishings and essentials to refugees and asylum seekers citywide. Their clients come from places like Ukraine and Afghanistan, often times fleeing their war-torn homes to find a more promising future. 
Leah Cover, executive director of Ruth's Refuge, loves to work with and help provide for those seeking asylum, wherever they're coming from. 
"In 2022, we furnished 106 homes and worked with folks from 25 different countries," said Cover. "We have people from all over and they've gone through all kinds of experiences but what they've all experienced is displacement."
Ruth's Refuge helps bring everything from fresh linen and couches to appliances to migrants in need of furnishing their home. They accept all kinds of donations, and their 120 volunteers help to bring those furnishings to the new homes of asylum seekers. 
The group has big plans for the future, such as expanding their outreach and hopefully finding a more permanent space to work out of. 
"We want you to be here, we want you to find safety," said Cover. "We want to get to know you and there are a lot of people here who care."