Brooklyn nonprofit says preliminary budget plan needs changes

A Brooklyn nonprofit that has changed many student’s lives claims it might not be around when the city opens back up if changes aren’t made to the mayor’s preliminary budget plan. 
That’s why Cora Dance students have formed a youth council and are hoping city council steps in to support them and make sure their second-home survives. 
Mateo Vidals, 17,  says he can't imagine his life without Cora Dance.
"I grew up there. That is my home away from home and it is me, it is molded me into the person I am today,” saus Vidals. 
The nonprofit serves about 500 students each year and even has a Pay What You Can program.
"We pick children up from school each day we feed them each day. We provide them with their leotards, their shoes, we give homework help,” said Vidals. 
In a statement, the city council speaker tells News 12 in part, "As we are in the middle of budget negotiations and are battling this pandemic, our top priority is to protect jobs and our social safety net." 
The speaker added that the council is working toward a budget that will help those who need it most.