Brooklyn program looks to create opportunities for next generation of software engineers

One Brooklyn program is seeking to create opportunities for the next generation of software engineers. 
The Marcy Lab School is teaching advanced computer programming that prepares students for the workforce. 
They teach students the algorithm in both technology and their future. 
Paul Sobers tells News 12 he can’t stop smiling knowing that a new journey awaits. “It’s crazy to think about tomorrow, I’ll be starting my first career job as an associate software engineer,” said Sobers. 
The year-old program had to go fully remote due to the coronavirus pandemic, but didn’t give up on their mission. 
Co-founder Ruben Ogbonna says they target underrepresented youth and prepare students for the workforce. 
The program partnered with JP Morgan Chase.
“JP Morgan Chase knows that the students that are going out to the community, and out to their professions are well trained and ready to work,” said Ogbonna.