Brooklyn resident credits her Chinese culture for her recent promotion at NYC Transit Authority

After nearly a decade with the New York City Transit Authority, Brooklyn resident Jalana Weldon was officially promoted to the position of service line dispatcher.
"My goal when I came in was to move up," Weldon told News 12.
She said her new position at NYCTA Flatbush depot is a big responsibility.
"Safety in the streets, safety with the bus operators, making sure everything is being handled correctly because you don't want too many incidents out there," Weldon explained.
She says she earned the position following years of service, months of training and studying, and hard work. She said achieving the promotion was exciting for her.
"I was so happy. You should've saw when I found out that I passed that test. Everybody saw me in the depot and I was like 'Oh my God! I passed!,'" Weldon recalled.
Weldon is just one of 11 individuals who identify as Asian American and Pacific Islander within the entire New York City Transit Authority.
Weldon attributes much of her success to her Chinese culture and upbringing.
"'You do not belong at the bottom. Keep going up,'" she said in reference to her mother and grandmother. "So yes, it did come from my family background, this goal to keep moving up, to keep working hard."
Weldon hopes to inspire children in New York who identify as Asian American and Pacific Islander. She said they have the drive in them to achieve whatever success they desire.
"It's what's inside, it's your heart, your soul is what pushes you forward," Weldon said.