Brooklyn soup kitchen brings much-needed relief for asylum seekers

Thousands of migrants seeking asylum have been arriving to New York over the last few months from Texas, and a local soup kitchen is helping provide much-needed relief for families.
Asylum seekers arrived New York today, receiving items like socks and shoes. They were directed to head over to Brooklyn to get food packages from the Masbia Soup Kitchen Network.
Over the last several months, buses with up to 100 asylum seekers or more have been coming to Port Authority at the direction of Texas Gov. Gregg Abbot in an effort to highlight his criticism of the Biden administration’s immigration policies. While many are arriving from Texas, the Office of Immigrant Affairs says many of them originate from countries like Guatemala, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Ecuador.
Masbia staff say they're prepared to welcome migrants for as long as they need to. A total of three buses arrived today, with more buses likely arriving in the coming days.
Organizers also say a majority of the asylum seekers didn’t know what their next move would be upon arriving in the state, so the non-profit is hoping to help make their transition as smooth as possible.