Brooklyn trainer launches virtual conference on improving racial disparities in gyms

A trainer and entrepreneur born in Brooklyn started a conference to discuss disparities when it comes to fitness and wellness in communities of color.
Percell Dugger helped launch BLKTIV, a virtual conference to help people of color and allies looking to make a difference in their communities.
"It's not about before and after pictures, it's about if you care for yourself and how you advocate for yourself outside of Zoom meetings and after you put down your phone," Dugger says.
The conference is full of classes about information on wellness and fitness, and discussions on how to make it more accessible.
The event kicks off with a panel discussion on the future of wellness, information on how to become a certified trainer, as well as how to own your own gym.
Dugger says his organization Fit for Us is all about empowering Black fitness professionals and getting underserved communities access to vital health and wellness information.